Parents, Students and Educators
All Agree 
S4 Study Skills Is Changing
the Way Students Study

Parents Say…

“I just wanted to let you know my son received an A on both his Western Civ and Bio tests this week. He is proud of himself and is much more focused. Taking me out of the equation has helped a lot.”
Christine S., Darien

“She used to get very stressed before tests and exams. After you tutored her, not only did that go away, but she did better than we all expected.”
Amy V., Larchmont

“Mark has really turned things around this year, no doubt thanks to your S4 system! Mark is making all A’s now in every subject. What an amazing transformation! I knew he was smarter than the grades he was getting; he simply needed better studying skills.”
Melinda Lorenz, Greenwich

“I wanted to let you know about my high school daughter’s experience in your workshop.  She is, and has always been, a straight A high honors student. Despite those “stats”, she found your class really good and helpful. It also re-energized her for school. S4 is for every student, those struggling to honor students, and everyone in between.  Just because a student gets good grades doesn’t mean they know how to study and get the most out of class.”
Ann Green, Fairfield

“I can easily recommend this program to any parent who wants their student to do better in school.”
Patty R., Rye Country Day School

“I just want you to know how much Ben has enjoyed working with your teacher.He looks forward to him coming each week. ”
Diane G., Stamford

I can assure you that I will continue to recommend your course since not only do my kids enjoy it, but so it’s very effective. My 6th grade and has received 2 years of straight A’s so far.  I might have been able to say A+’s but her Chorus teacher had other ideas  I can’t say enough!
Gina Moore, Fairfield

“Even though Justin is a strong student, I immediately saw the difference your Study Skills Workshop made in his approach to his work, his organization and his time management. The result has been noticeably better grades since he took the workshop.”
Karen Knowles, Fairfield Ludlowe High School

“Megan needed to learn basic study skills to keep up with the increased course work, and the motivation to complete assignments. Thankfully S4 taught her all of these things and more. I couldn’t be happier, and so is Megan.”
Sarah H., Harrison High School

“The way my son did his homework before and after the S4 program, was night and day. Thank you!”
Mary Anne McG., Joel Barlow High School

“My son works hard but had no clue how to study. Last year was increasingly a challenge for him. He wasn’t proactive in his work because he didn’t know how to study. Thankfully, your workshop gave him some strong guidelines as to how to approach his academics.”
Steve H., Blind Brook Middle School, Rye Brook

“Caitlin gained a lot of confidence after your program.”
Caroline M., Saxe Middle School, New Canaan

“I’m pleased to tell you he really liked it which, candidly, I was not expecting. So everyone is happy. “
David Rosenthal, Weston Middle School

Students Say…

“I never would have thought that learning specific skills in note-taking and studying would change my life for the better. What I took away from the Study Skills program I can now incorporate into my life, and use these methods to become ever more successful.”
William L., Trinity Catholic High School

“My grades have improved because I know how to study. Thank you so much!”
Abby B., Ridgefield High School

“I really enjoyed the in-class activities because it showed me how I can apply what I learned to my own work”
Robert P., John Jay High School, Cross River

“Never thought that I’d actually enjoy studying, but this class changed my mind!”
Morgan M., Ludlowe High School, Fairfield

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.01.33 AMEven if you don’t want to go this workshop, I suggest that you do.”
Matt, East Ridge Middle School, Ridgefield

“After taking the workshop I felt I could rock school.”
Mason J., Scarsdale Middle School

“I learned how to focus on my homework so I could get it done faster but better.”
Jason S., Middlesex Middle School, Darien

“It was actually fun and it also taught me how to manage my time.”
James S., Brunswick School, Greenwich

“The best part was learning better study habits.”
Brian D., Hackley School, Tarrytown

Educators Say…

“We are excited to make this successful program available to both our and students from our neighboring communities so that they may learn these important tools. We highly recommend the S4 program. Our students, parents and faculty have been most complimentary about the methodology and have seen an improvement in grades, reduced stress, and students’ ability to better manage their academic work.”
Paul Carty, Principal Archbishop Stepinac

“We’ve invited S4 Study Skills Workshops back because it was a big success in the past. The Parent Workshop really supports our teachers by closing the homework gap between school and home. The student workshop, on the other hand, provides practical techniques and strategies that benefit all types of learners. ”
Principal Tina Rivera, Academy of Information and Technology and Engineering

“The kids I’ve talked to seem very positive and feel it’s been helpful. Good work!”
Greg Hatzis, former Principal, Fairfield Woods Middle School

“The S4 skills provide a direct pathway for deeper student engagement and sharper focus with their schoolwork both in and out of class. We’ve received nothing but extremely positive feedback from students, their parents and teachers.”
E. Dewarner Dunston-Crawford, After School Director, Cloonan Middle School

“Based on previous year’s success, we are excited to once again bring the S4 workshops to St. Paul and the Bristol community. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn these critical skills for success in school and in life.”
James Cooper, Dean of Academic Life, St. Paul Catholic High School

“As a middle school science teacher, and a mother of a 6th grader, I sent my daughter to your program last year. The workshop taught her many new essential skills she needed as she entered middle school. What she learned made her year successful. She felt empowered! I recommend S4 without hesitation.”
Mary Jane Plante, St. James School, Manchester