What will my student learn?

Lead by dynamic, highly trained teacher, your student will learn and engage in activities designed to clearly teach how to use and apply strategies and skills for deeper understanding, motivation, reduces stress, better results, and academic confidence.

Some of the key concepts:

  • Increase academic performance
  • Deepen academic engagement
  • Increase motivation
  • Better retain material
  • Improve comprehension
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase confidence

What are the differences between Essential Study Skills and High School and Beyond?

Essentials Study Skills teaches students practical step-by-step ways to study, organize, manage time, prepare for tests, and use executive functioning. The workshop teaches students how to use and apply evidence-based strategies for effective and efficient studying.

High School and Beyond teaches students how to assess and apply their learning style to eliminate distractions, stay focused, increase information retention and improve motivation, while deepening their reading and writing skills. The workshop provides students with tools to increase self-motivation and encourages greater independence and self-management.

Which workshop should my student take?

We feel that every student would benefit from all of our workshops. Each workshop is unique and teaches different skill sets not only for the student’s academic career, but for life. Whether your student is an Honors student or struggling academically our workshops help every student get the advantage on their academics.

Why should my student take a workshop?

The S4 Study Skills mission is to unlock the power of learning to improve, enhance and support student’s academic careers. Fueled by our committed teachers, our relationships with our partner schools, and our supportive parents, we are widely respected for our ability to deliver a program that improves student outcomes and propels them to feel great about school and themselves.

S4’s workshops provide and equip students with the tools, systems and skills needed for academic success. Students are taught how to actively learn by applying evidenced-based study skills, techniques and strategies to their class work and homework. Workshops are highly participatory, and are designed to integrate the taught skills with students’ academic curriculum.

My student has a learning disability, will they benefit from this workshop?

Absolutely! Every single one of our students is unique and different. That’s exactly why they are in the workshop – to learn and build their confidence with their academic career. Our teachers are trained to work with students of all levels and abilities.

My student is an excellent student, will they benefit from this workshop?

Definitely! We have a blend of students, many are AP, Honors, or Straight A students that want to get the extra edge on learning how to study and be prepared for transitioning in to Middle School, High School, and even College or even just refining their study skills.

What type of students make up the workshop? Are they good students/bad/learning disabilities?

We have a blend of students at every workshop. Some students are Straight A students, some are struggling. We find that all of the students work very well together and encourage each other to better their study and school habits.

Are there any types of at home support you offer?

Yes! After each session, we offer parent support emails. These emails contain what was covered in the session as well as Teach Sheets. Teach Sheets are how-to guides for each skill taught and a great resource for both you and your student.

We also offer private tutoring sessions, which some students find extremely helpful because we use their current curriculum. Feel free to contact one of our Educational Consultants by emailing info@S4StudySkills.com or by calling 203-307-5455 for more information.

My student is very introverted/extroverted – How is the workshop run?

Our workshops are extremely interactive and thrive on the participation of the students. All students blend very well, and we encourage those who may be a little shy to shine.

Are there homework or any extra at home assignments for the workshop?

We don’t like the term “homework” as they are fun assignments to complete at home and share with the other students at the next workshop. An example of an assignment: When you get home watch a YouTube video of your choice and take notes. Be sure to practice the note taking you learned in the workshop today.

My student has difficulties with organization / time management / executive functioning  / etc.. Will this workshop help?

Yes! Our workshops are designed to help students with:

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Increasing motivation
  • Stopping procrastination
  • Deepening and more engaging participation
  • Increasing confidence
  • Reducing stress
  • And more!

Do the students get a break during the workshop?

Each workshop is different, and if the teacher feels a break is needed one will be provided. Students are free to use the restrooms as needed.

Does my student have to bring anything?

No. Everything down to a pen is included with the workshop registration fee.

Can my student bring a snack?

Yes. We just ask that the snack is peanut- free in the event one of the other students has an allergy.

Can my student take High School and Beyond without taking Essentials?

Yes. Both workshops are very independent of one another and teach different skills. The Essentials workshop covers the foundational study skills. The High School and Beyond workshop is a great course for those students who may be transitioning into High School and College.

My student is transitioning into MS/HS, will this workshop help with the transition?

Absolutely. We find a lot of our students come to our workshops for this exact reason. When transitioning to Middle or High School the work load changes drastically and many of our students are not prepared for such a change. Students will learn the skills necessary to take on this change. The workshop will provide the skills for a step-by-step approach for strengthening studying for better academic performance.

How can I motivate my student to take this workshop?

All workshops are highly interactive and engaging with all the students. It’s not your typical lecture style workshop, but a fun and engaging workshop with their peers. Many of our students complain that the workshops aren’t long enough and they wish they had more time since they were having so much fun learning our skills!

I have a few families interested in a private group session in our town. Do you offer this?

Yes. We ask that the private group session is six  or more students.

Can I see the curriculum prior to the workshop?

Absolutely! Please email info@S4StudySkills.com and one of our Educational Consultants will happily assist you further.

What is the cost of the workshops?

Each workshop varies and depends on number of sessions and length of sessions. Please contact info@S4StudySkills.com for more information on pricing and availability and one of our Educational Consultants will happily assist you further.

I’m having difficulty registering, can someone help?

Yes. Please feel free to either email info@S4StudySkills.com or call 203-307-5455 and one of our Educational Consultants will happily assist you.

I have multiple students, do you offer discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount off of the second workshop and a 20% discount off of the third (or more) workshops. Feel free to contact info@S4StudySkills.com or call 203-307-5455 and one of our Educational Consultants will be happy to assist you.

What if my student happens to miss a session in the workshop?

All of our workshops teach the same material, so your student is welcome to make up a missed session at any of our other workshops and locations.

What payment options do you offer for registering for a workshop?

We currently only accept credit card payments via PayPal.

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors are carefully screened and all have proper accreditation from the state and higher education. Most of our instructors teach daily in a school and are passionate about their students and want to help more. This is more than a job to them, it’s an opportunity for them to share their passion while they inspire, engage, and help students achieve academic success.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Feel free to contact one of our Educational Consultants either by emailing info@S4StudySkills.com or by calling 203-307-5455 and we will be happy to assist you.