It’s not your imagination.
Your student really doesn’t know how to study.

Knowing how to study prepares students for lifelong learning — both in and outside of the classroom. Skills such as organization, time management, active listening, remembering and building upon information, are important not only in school, but in life.

And yet, most students don’t know how to study.

As workload and expectations increase each year, knowing how to approach academic work is essential for students in 5th grade through College.

The evidence-based S4 Study Skills system teaches students how to be more effective and efficient in their approach to school,  build knowledge, establish discipline, become independent learners, and think critically – skills that improve students’ focus, increase their confidence, and prepares them for lifelong learning, in and out of school.

Parent Workshop

Targeted to both middle and high school parents, this highly interactive 60-minute session is purely information-based. Designed to provide concrete ideas that can be implemented right away, parents will walk away with practical tools to best support their student’s study practice at home.

S4’s Parent Workshop is typically hosted by schools as part of a principal’s coffee, parent-teacher association meeting, or other community organization. There is no cost to parents.

Schools, parent associations and community organizations that have hosted this program have seen a high attendance rate.

S4 provides all workshop and communications materials that may be used to invite parents to this seminar.

To schedule a parent workshop in your school or organization, email us or call 203-307-5455.

S4 Benefits

S4’s dynamic and highly trained teachers know how to encourage participation by even the most reluctant student.

Using state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, S4 will teach your student how to study – the tools to learn how to learn – in a highly engaging and interactive manner.

Parents and teachers in schools where the S4 program has been offered, report a noticeable difference in students as follows:

  • Better classroom engagement
  • Increased focus and motivation
  • Better prepared for classes, tests, projects
  • Increased ability to synthesize information
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased self-management and pacing
  • More independent learning
  • Better grades

Who Attends S4 Study Skills Workshops?

All students can improve the process by which they study, especially students that are:

  • Already motivated and high performing
  • Spending too much, or too little, time on homework
  • Unsure of how to study
  • Transitioning to middle or high school
  • Getting inconsistent grades
  • Not performing at their potential
  • Disorganized, distracted, and procrastinates
  • Ineffective, inefficient in their study practice

All workshops include:

  • In-class materials
  • Post-parent emails after each session
  • Original S4 Teach Sheets for each skill taught for at-home reference

Find a Workshop Today!

All workshops are limited to 15 students.

Other Workshops and Private Services

We offer a range of services to provide a comprehensive road-map to support a student’s success in school: