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It’s not your imagination. Your student really does not know how to study. When students know how to study,s4 private tutoring and at-home tutoring services they get better grades. It’s that simple.

S4’ private tutoring and at-home tutoring services, teaches evidence-based study skills and executive functioning strategies – the same taught in S4’s workshops – using your student’s actual school materials and subject matter in a one-on-one tutoring environment.

Your student will learn skills, tools, and strategies, and how to study in the classroom, and at home, as well as how to use and apply them across all of their academic subjects. As a result, your student will experience the real-life benefits of knowing how to study more effectively and efficiently.

[su_quote]Mark has really turned things around this year, no doubt thanks to the S4 system! Mark is making all As now in every subject. What an amazing transformation! I knew he was smarter than the grades he was getting; he simply needed better study-skills. — Melinda Lorenz, Greenwich, Connecticut[/su_quote]

In addition, because this service is highly personalized and customized, your student will benefit by increased subject matter review, comprehension and retention – critical when prepping for tests and finals.

S4 Tutoring also focuses on teaching executive functioning strategies: planning, organization, task initiation, sustained attention, goal-setting, decision-making, and problem solving – all important components of academic success.

We can also work with your student on their specific assignments, including test and exam prep, and writing.

[su_quote]Your tutoring has been fantastic. Noah has applied everything he was taught. He’s like a whole new person. We’ve been so happy with your tutoring. — Jennifer K., Westport, Connecticut[/su_quote]

Finally, by working with your student over time, we will establish a rapport, rhythm, and expectation. Teaching independence and self reliance, your student will become responsible for their own learning, so you no longer have to.

S4’s one-on-one tutoring and at-home tutoring services, are offered in six-hour packages, in increments of one or 90-minute sessions. Time, dates, and location are at your student’s convenience, including Saturdays and Sundays.

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[su_box title=”Signs That Your Student Would Benefit From S4 Tutoring Services” box_color=”#bd3c40″]

  • Works hard, but still receives mediocre grades, or bombs tests
  • Takes a long time to finish what should be a basic homework assignment
  • Procrastinates or gets easily distracted during homework
  • Seems be losing motivation, or appears stressed and anxious about school
  • Frequently expresses frustration with particular teachers or subjects
  • Homework sessions turn into meltdowns[/su_box]

What Parents Say About Our Private Tutoring Services

[su_quote]We began working with Kam at S4 Study Skills last summer. It was the best decision we have ever made. Kam has served as a teacher, mentor, sounding board and monitor for our son. He has taken the time to understand our son and help manage and organize workflow, review current assignments, prepare for upcoming exams, and work on any academic issues he is having. We often fought to review our son’s work, but Kam provides that check we wanted.

Now, our son knows how to take notes now, set up schedules to complete work for exams, papers and other assignments and what to do in small steps to achieve it all. The academic improvement has been significant, fights at home about schoolwork have declined, and our son’s confidence has soared.

We can’t say enough great things about S4 Study Skills and Kam. We know the foundation established this year will take him through the rest of high school and through college. We also know the personal bond established between Kam and my son will last a lifetime. — Beth Goodman, Stanford, Connecticut[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Every subject increased by a quarter grade through a full grade. I only wish we started earlier. —Tracy Simms, mother of a Darien, Connecticut, High School freshman[/su_quote]
[su_quote]We have been very pleased with the S4 tutoring has done with our 7th grade son. Over the last year, our son has learned the essential skills he needed for studying and learned how to develop a consistent study routine. We have seen significant improvement in our son’s study habits due to S4’s tutoring. — Jeannie Cunnion, Greenwich, Connecticut[/su_quote]

s4-study skills-private tutoring-one-on-one tutoring-workshops
According to The US Department of Education: Tutored students increased an average of 2.1 grade levels over the year in comparison with non-tutored students who increased a 1.0 grade level.

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