One-on-One Tutoring and Coaching Services
At Your Convenience, On Your Schedule

S4’s tutoring services will teach you student the same skills and executive functioning strategies taught in S4’s workshops. This one-on-one service is highly personalized and customized using students’ actual school materials. As such, not only do students learn how to apply the taught skills, but they also benefit from increased subject matter review, comprehension and retention – important when prepping for tests and finals.

S4’s tutoring and coaching services, are offered in six-hour packages, in increments of one or 90-minute sessions. Time, dates, and location are at your student’s convenience, including Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, we can work with your student on their specific assignments, including test and exam prep, and writing.

For more information, please email or contact us at 203-307-5455

Signs That Your Student Would Benefit From S4 Tutoring Services
  • Works hard, but still receives mediocre grades, or bombs tests
  • Takes a long time to finish what should be a basic homework assignment
  • Procrastinates or gets easily distracted during homework
  • Seems be losing motivation, or appears stressed and anxious about school
  • Frequently expresses frustration with particular teachers or subjects
  • Homework sessions turn into meltdowns

Can’t Make a Scheduled Workshop?
We’ll Bring the Workshop to You

Schedule a Workshop for your student and their friends!

For groups of seven or more, S4 is easily able to customize a workshop for your student and their friends, scheduled at a time convenient to the group: on the weekends, after-school, or during a school break.

Workshops may be scheduled at a time convenient to the group, on the weekends, after-school, or during a school break, in a classroom-like setting in a location convenient to you.

In three 2.5-hour sessions, students will learn evidence-based easy-to-implement strategies and systems to be active, engaged and successful in school, including:

  • How to study
  • Organize
  • Manage time
  • Prepare for tests
  • Use executive functioning strategies

Learn more by calling Michelle at 203-307-5455, or by emailing:

According to The US Department of Education: Tutored students increased an average of 2.1 grade levels over the year in comparison with non-tutored students who increased a 1.0 grade level.

College Essay Writing

In the college essay coaching program, S4 teachers work one-on-one with students to help them craft essays that will stand out to university admissions officers. Whereas the college application outlines an applicant’s credentials, like GPA and SAT scores, the college essay showcases an applicant’s individuality — one’s unique characteristics, personal interests, and communication skills.

In the coaching sessions, S4 teachers guide students through a writing process that includes:

  • Analyzing essay prompts and pinpointing the criteria that admissions officers use for evaluation
  • Choosing a meaningful theme and narrowing the topic
  • Determining an effective essay structure
  • Researching colleges to make essays specific
  • Brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revision, proofreading, and editing

Our goal is to ensure that students’ college essays are clear, concise, truthful, sincere, vivid, coherent, unique, and memorable. We want students’ essays to demonstrate a firm grasp of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and rhetoric. Above all, we want students to feel confident that their college essays will genuinely intrigue the audience and separate their application from the pack.

For more information, please email or contact us at 203-307-5455.