Essential Study Skills:
Workshops for Middle and High School

Your student should take this class if they:

  • Want better grades
  • Want to study with greater ease and efficiency
  • Would benefit from time management, organization, and executive functioning
  • Want to become an independent learner

Essential Study Skills teaches Middle and High School students practical step-by-step ways to study, organize, manage time, prepare for tests, and use executive functioning strategies — essential skills in today’s competitive academic environment.

In this workshop, your student will learn to:

  • Plan, organize and manage time
  • Take notes when reading and listening
  • Complete assignments and projects on time without cramming
  • Study and prepare for class and tests
  • Apply strategies for active reading and listening
  • Pay attention and stay focused
  • Study and stay on-task for precision, retention and speed
  • Feel confident in their abilities

By the end of the workshop your student will have:

  • An easy-to-implement system for studying
  • A step-by-step, systematic approach for better academic performance and grades
  • The know-how to organize their assignments and time
  • The know-how to study, prepare, and schedule and study for tests and other assignments
  • A newfound confidence!

Five reasons why you should register your student:

  1. Increased academic performance
  2. Deeper academic engagement
  3. Increased motivation and confidence
  4. Improved comprehension and retention
  5. Reduced anxiety and stress levels


s4 study skills bring a friend and save

  • 7.5-hour Workshops are $395
  • 6-hour Workshops are $345
  • 10% sibling or multiple class discount
  • Class limited to 15
  • Parent review email sent after each session
  • In-class and at-home study materials included


Unless marked “Exclusive,” workshops are open to all area students.

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What Parents and Students Say about Essential Study Skills

“Congratulations!! Morgan came home a different person. He truly felt like a student. He said, and I quote, “I can’t wait to go back to school!” I can’t make this up. Great stuff.”
Lynn Moore, Fairfield Ludlowe High School mother

“This is the best thing I learned since kindergarten.”
Ryan P., Scotts Ridge Middle School, Ridgefield student

My son was staying up till all hours with his homework before he took your workshop. Now he is truly working smarter, not harder, and getting the best grades he’s ever received.”
Kim D., Greens Farms Academy, Westport mother

“I wanted my daughter to learn better test-taking skills, and that’s exactly what she learned.”
Danielle G., Greenwich High School mother

“I’m so glad Chris took this class to help ease his transition from elementary to middle school. He will definitely take a refresher before entering high school.”
Christine M., Rye Middle School mother

“This is exactly the class I needed to help me organize, plan and manage my workload, especially with my extracurricular activities and service work.”
Quinn P., Bronxville High School student