Math Tutoringmath-graphic

Like our Study Skills tutoring, our math program focuses on each student’s individual learning style. We focus on building knowledge and skills, while overcoming weaknesses and gaps.

We work with strong, and not so strong, math students.

For those in advanced math classes, we make sure students continue to be challenged, and stay on top and ahead of their course-work.

For those needing a bit more support, we determine what gaps might exist and work to fill them.  Once we understand a student’s needs, we then work to establish and build a solid foundation for learning and understanding.

Regardless of a student’s math ability, our focus is to help students gain math maturity, and learn new mathematical concepts.

As with all of our tutoring services, our methodology is to customize the way we work with each student. We establish a relationship of trust, and incorporate each student’s interests and goals in our approach.  We take advantage of strengths, and work on providing solutions to overcome weaknesses.

Most importantly, we strive to instill a love of math that comes with conceptual and numerical fluency.

Our math tutoring focuses on middle and high school math through Trigonometry.

To find out more about our math tutoring, please call 203-307-5455, or email us.