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Meet Our Teachers

S4 Study Skills Teacher Kam I.

“An inspiring teacher needs to have a contagious passion for the subject matter…and clearly demonstrate that they care…[with] empathy and compassion…if the student doesn’t think you care, it doesn’t matter how interesting your lesson is”.

S4 Study Skills Teacher Jessica L.

“..From those moments when students display new found confidence towards [their] work… and becoming extremely enthusiastic about the material [allowing] them the opportunity to succeed at a level that perhaps before they never imagined.”

S4 Study Skills Teacher Elyssa H.

“You can’t inspire kids you don’t know. The focus needs to stay on getting to know each individual student. Kids don’t care how much you have to teach them until they know you care about them as more than students. And so you really have to start with that foundation.”

S4 Study Skills Teacher Nina H.

“What it takes to be an inspiring teacher is to love learning yourself and to let your genuine interest and passion come through to your students…and [when they know that you] authentically care about them…they are much open to learning…Our jobs as [S4] teachers is to make ourselves not needed..so they can apply the skills [on their own].”

S4 Study Skills Teacher Louie V.

“I have a deep passion for the subject of mathematics. The most important thing about being an inspiring teacher is caring about what you do. ..Students clearly respond to teachers that care about their progress.”

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