A small group for parent conversations
Michelle Sagalyn, Founder and President

Michelle Sagalyn, Founder/President

For an hour, twice a month, we join together online for an informal and relaxed, yet highly productive small-group conversation with other parents, to share challenges, successes, concerns, and joys, regarding our students.

Guided by the president of Successful Study Skills 4 Students, and sometimes accompanied by its teachers, their schedules permitting, we offer expert guidance and suggestions around students’ study practices, and what can be done to support them.

We encourage each of our participant’s to express their thoughts, observations, and concerns.  We offer our experience, ideas, and suggestions, on ways to improve and enhance their student’s study practice, during this challenging time when the unexpected is to be expected.

Participating parents have expressed that one of the most rewarding features of this small group has been to find camaraderie, listen, share, and learn that they are not alone in their concern for their student.

Past themes discussed include:

  • Motivation and student confidence
  • Hybrid learning challenges
  • Screens and distractions
  • Time management
  • Executive functioning, time management
  • Study skills
  • Focus and distractions
  • Pandemic parenting
  • Juggling one’s job with at-home kids
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Helping your student find passions
  • Pandemic silver linings

We encourage parents to let us know if there is any specific subject they would like to address. Chances are, your challenges, are another family’s challenges as well.

All conversations are confidential.

There is no obligation or expectations for your participation.

There is no charge for this program, but registration is required.

Limited to 10 participants.