Free-to-Parent Programs

Appropriate for parents of Elementary, Middle & High School Students

Our highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive parent programs provide easy-to-implement best-practices, tools, and strategies of how they can support their student at-home.

Ample time for questions and answers is provided.

Over 147 schools, parent-teacher associations, (PTA/PTO/HSA), teen centers, libraries, and other non-profit organizations, have hosted our free-to-parent programs.

Webinars: :30-minutes

  • Motivating the Unmotivated Student
    An action-specific, and interactive webinar, parents are invited to learn a few tips, tools, and strategies to motivate, inspire, and support their student.
  • 8 Ways to Support Your Student in the New Learning Environment
    In this highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive seminar, parents are invited to learn best-practice, tools and strategies to support their student’s study practice
  • 5 Ways to Transition Your Student Back to School
    Parents will learn how to transition their student back to school after summer, or an extended break.
  • 5 Ways to Fight Learning Loss
    Parents will learn best-practices, tools and strategies to support their student over the summer, to minimize learning loss, and the dreaded summer slide, so they can be ready for school in the fall.

In-Person Seminars: 1-hour

  • 7 Ways to Support Your Student’s Study Practice Without Losing Your Mind
    During this powerful one-hour presentation, parents will learn how to support their student with seven tools and concrete ideas that can be implemented right away for better results and grades.
  • 7 Ways to End Homework Battles
    Parents will learn how to motivate their student and end the homework power struggle.

Collaborative Parent Seminars

  • Essential Steps to Get Your 9th and 10th Grader School and
    College-Admissions Ready

    Parents will learn the important steps freshman and sophomores should take for a successful path to college.Presented in collaboration with Collegewise.

Contact us to find out more about how to offer these valuable programs to your school and community: 203-307-5455 or email us.

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