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Private Writing Tutoring ServicesS4's Private writing tutoring services

Our Private Writing Tutoring Services provides students with one-on-one support with all phases of the writing process—from brainstorming to revising the final draft.

Successful Study Skills 4 Students offers two writing programs:

General Writing Tutoring

Using your student’s own assignments, or ours during the summer, our private writing service teaches the important compositional skills of writing with variety and structure in the four principal types of writing:

  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

We focus on grammar, syntax, and punctuation, how to articulate themes, sentence structure, and word choice. We emphasize techniques to improve fluency, and the use of transitions between ideas and paragraphs.

Emphasis is placed on the writing process, including the important of pre-writing and revision.

[su_quote]Knowing how to write is essential. Working with your teacher, Charlie was able to get over his “writer’s block”, and actually enjoyed the process. –Anthony L., father of a 9th grader, New Canaan, CT[/su_quote]

12 Ways to Start a SentencePrivate writing tutoring services

12 Ways to Start a Sentence is S4’s newest writing at-home program. Although most students know that every sentence requires a subject and a verb, most do not know how to vary their sentence formations to improve fluency and generate interest.

This program teaches the important compositional skills of sentence variety and structure.

The methodology is simple and effective and is structured as follows:

  1. A mini-lesson about the concept
  2. Viewing examples from published authors
  3. Imitating the sentence type

In addition to sentence variety, students will learn:

  • Punctuation: commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, quotation marks, semicolons, colons
  • In-text citations and formatting dialogue
  • Techniques to improve fluency
  • Word choice

In this program your student will learn to:

  • Use elements of grammar, syntax, and punctuation
  • Write original sentences following common, and uncommon, patterns
  • Identify and imitate various sentence types in books and articles
    Revise drafts for a more compelling read by adding sentence variety

By the end of the program your student will have:

  • An approach for writing more engaging compositions
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation for grammar
  • A sentence toolbox for writing with variety
  • A lifelong love for the art of writing a powerful sentence
Call or email us to learn more: 203-307-5455, info@S4StudySkills.com.