Designed to support your student, whether they are working from home or going to school, this 90-minute 1:1 or 1:2 workshop will provide your student with a structure and process to manage their academic responsibilities, with the tools and strategies they need to hold themselves accountable.

In a ninety-minute learn-by-doing interactive session, your student will learn a practical evidence-based system for planning, prioritizing, and organizing their work needed to become a self-sufficient independent learner.

In this workshop, your student will:

  • Understand the new challenges of working from home, and also the new opportunities to become more self-sufficient and build good habits
  • Recognize the weaknesses of relying exclusively on online assignment boards like Schoology and GoogleClassroom
  • Learn to transfer the assignments posted online to one location for more successful planning
  • Learn to design a work schedule that provides structure during this transition to remote learning
  • Become proficient in the use of GoogleCalendar for time management
  • Understand how to establish the habit of planning to do homework
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  • The 90-minute one-session workshop is $245
  • 10% sibling or referral credit
  • Can be scheduled conveniently for your student and a friend
  • Parent review email sent at the completion of the workshop