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Advanced Placement, AP, courses can overwhelm even the most competent and accomplished student. The rigor and demand of these courses demand a deeper level of commitment, competency, and effort, over most high school classes.

By their very nature, AP classes are challenging, requiring extensive independent reading, writing, and analysis. Often students have significant summer reading and writing assignment that are foundational preludes to the start of their class in the fall.

Our 1:1 AP tutoring services will provide your student with a tailored and customized approach catered to their individual learning style.

Our summer AP tutoring centers around three concepts:

First, we provide students with a time management and executive function framework, allowing your student to structure their summer work load, and get a head head-start on difficult curriculum.

Second, we offer students an approach to becoming critical, analytical, and focused readers.

Lastly, we teach students the process of writing: developing their thesis, researching their arguments, writing an outline, drafting, editing, and finally finishing their paper.

Our tutoring services make the difference between a student feeling average or even anxious, to feeling great and in control about the material and how to master it.

Tutoring logistics

  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Discount rates for 2:1, 3:1 and more students