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College is very exciting time for your student, but also throws them into a new level of academic responsibility.

Our personalized College Tutoring Program will set your student up for academic success from the moment they attend their first class, to insure they are ready to attack and thrive in their new academic environment.

In this one-on-one service, we teach rising and existing college students our evidence-based system of skills, tools, and strategies of how to study, organize, and manage a college-level workload in college. This service focuses on building a strong study skills foundation needed for success in college.

Key concepts taught include:

  • Notetaking in lectures
  • Notetaking when reading
  • Deciphering high level ideas and supporting details
  • Visual thinking
  • Syllabus management
  • Planning, organizing and managing time
  • How to study and prepare for classes and tests
  • Strategies for active reading, listening, and retention
  • Task management
  • How to stay attentive in class and stay focused
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Focus, concentration, endurance, active listening, active learning
  • Test taking strategies: before and during
  • How to maximize time spent studying

Make sure your student goes to college with:

  • A tool-chest of skills, tools, and strategies needed to succeed academically
  • Strategies for effective and efficient studying
  • A system to become an independent learner
  • Confidence

Successful Study Skills 4 Students will provide your student with the tools needed to develop strong study habits, boost grades, and have a successful academic experience in college.

Tutoring logistics

  • Our College tutoring services, are offered in 7.5 hour packages, in 90 minutes sessions
  • These services are taught at a day and time of your choosing, including Saturdays and Sundays