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It’s not your imagination. Your student really does not know how to study.
And when they do, they do better in school. It’s that simple.

Our evidence-based study skills tutoring will teach your student skills, tools, and strategies for in-school and remote learning and studying, as well as how to use and apply these skills across all of their academic subjects.

Offering an unsurpassed level of individualized instruction, key components of our evidence-based study skills approach is to teach students how to:

  • Prioritize, plan, prepare, organize
  • Take notes
  • Initiate and complete projects, papers, and assignments, on-task and on-time
  • Study for tests, midterms, and finals

Executive functioning strategies are also taught, including how to:

  • Set goals
  • Focus and sustain attention
  • Self-advocate, problem solve
  • Make decisions

Putting into practice and applying these critical skills as it specifically applies to a student’s work, will provide a roadmap to success. Your student will get their work done, learn how to study in a most effective and efficient manner, and create life-long habits, for school, career, and life.

My son has ADD, poor executive functioning skills, and is extremely disorganized, but even he thinks this will do a lot to help him this year.

Abby B.
Manhasset, Long Island, New York

Our success with student outcomes, is due to our methodology, approach. Our teachers, establish a rapport, rhythm, and expectation with their students.

We will teach your student how to be independent and self-reliant, to become responsible for their own learning, so you no longer have to.

15-Minute Morning and/or Afternoon Check Ins
In addition to comprehensive tutoring sessions, of :30 to :45-minutes, one hour, or more, we also offer 15-minute morning and/or afternoon check Ins. This will:

  • Create accountability
  • Provide focus and clarity of what needs to get done, and by when
  • Help your student prioritize their day, and meet deadlines

Getting Started

  • All tutoring is scheduled at your convenience, including Saturday and Sunday, and during the day.
  • Services are offered in six-hour packages, used in :30, :45-minutes, 1-hour, or longer.
  • 15-minute morning and/or afternoon check ins are also offered (see above)

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Why Are Study Skills
So Important

How S4 Study Skills Improves Student Outcomes

What Parents Say About Our Tutoring Services

If Your Student Experiences Any of These Challenges, We Can Help

  • Stresses and is anxious before tests and exams
  • Was never taught, and doesn’t know how to study
  • Always did well in school, but suddenly isn’t
  • Studies hard but doesn’t do well on tests
  • Gets inconsistent grades
  • Loosing motivation and self-esteem
  • Spends too much, or too little, time on homework
  • Has homework battles and meltdowns
  • Doesn’t know how to take notes
  • Is disorganized, distracted, and procrastinates
  • Has ADD/ADHD and doesn’t know how or where to focus
  • Needs a structured and systematic approach to studying

What Your Student Will Learn

  • How to take notes when reading and in a lecture/classroom
  • How to understand the difference between high level ideas and supporting details
  • How to clarify and simplify complex information
  • How to plan, organize and manage time
  • How to study and prepare for class and tests
  • How to build on information for understanding and retention
  • How to apply strategies for active reading, listening and retention
  • How to complete assignments and projects on time without cramming
  • Tools to stay attentive in class and stay focused
  • How to study and stay on-task for precision, retention and speed
  • Organization

Support for Test Taking

  • How to study and prepare for tests
  • Prepare study guides, in advance of teachers providing them
  • How to create and use study guides, notes, past quizzes and tests
  • Test prep essentials and how to remember critical information
  • Time management before and during finals
  • Strategies and pacing during the test
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety pre and post-test taking

Benefits of S4 Tutoring

  • Better grades
  • Improves academic performance
  • Increases motivation, decreases stress
  • Establishes proven learning habits
  • Eliminates parent-child homework battles
  • Prepares for higher learning

Why S4 Tutoring

  • Customized and personalized attention
  • Clear and proven evidence-based methodology
  • Increases subject specific knowledge, understanding and retention
  • Improves student work habits
  • On-time and thorough work completion
  • Reduces procrastination

Who Benefits from S4

  • High performing students who want better efficiency and effectiveness
  • Disorganized, forgetful, and unfocused
  • Poor time management
  • Struggles with workload and confidence
  • Doesn’t know how to study for tests and complete assignments
  • Not engaged in school because of not knowing how to study

Our Private Tutoring Will Give Your Student
The Tools, Skills, And Strategies To Get Great Grades.

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