S4 Tutoring Services: College Essay Writing

In our one-on-one College Essay Writing Services, S4 teachers work privately with students to help them craft personal and unique essays that will set them apart from other applicants, highlight their individual attributes, and help them stand out to university admissions officers.

Whereas the college application outlines an applicant’s credentials, like GPA and SAT scores, the college essay showcases an applicant’s individuality — one’s unique characteristics, personal interests, and communication skills.

In the coaching sessions, S4 teachers guide students through a writing process that includes:

  • Analyzing essay prompts and pinpointing the criteria that admissions officers use for evaluation
  • Choosing a meaningful theme and narrowing the topic
  • Determining an effective essay structure
  • Researching colleges to make essays specific
  • Brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revision, proofreading, and editing

Our college essay writing services goal is to ensure that students’ college essays are clear, concise, truthful, sincere, vivid, coherent, unique, and memorable. We want students’ essays to demonstrate a firm grasp of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and rhetoric. Above all, we want students to feel confident that their college essays will genuinely intrigue the audience and separate their application from the pack.

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