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Elementary School Tutoring: Expert Help to Boost Your Child’s Success

Complementing your student’s existing school curriculum, the thrust of our elementary school tutoring is to concentrate on the core skills of reading, writing, and math, with the goal of bringing your learner to mastery.

We begin with a clear understanding of your child, and their learning style, and adapt our approach accordingly. We focus on enhancing your student’s love of learning, motivation, and curiosity, maximizing each moment to provide a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience.

Our elementary school tutors improve the development and fluency of knowledge and understanding in your young learner’s foundational disciplines: reading, writing, and math.

My son has ADD, poor executive functioning skills, and is extremely disorganized, but even he thinks this will do a lot to help him this year.

Abby B.
Manhasset, Long Island, New York

Our program offers personalized elementary school tutoring for your young learner. Our elementary school tutors will create a plan to help your child achieve academic success in the following core areas:


Our reading program is focused on the reading foundations: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, sight word recognition, word analysis, and decoding. More advanced reading skills taught include interpretation, inference, and critical thinking skills that will become increasingly important to your student’s academic career and beyond.


As a part of our as part of our tutoring instruction, we also teach writing. Our writing instruction emphasizes spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary, and progresses into sentence and paragraph structures, editing, and rewriting.


Math is cumulative; it builds on existing knowledge. As such it is important to set a solid foundation of basic skills throughout elementary school. Essential concepts taught and reinforced include number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, negative numbers, and overall problem-solving. Our elementary school tutoring goal is to provide students with math confidence, no matter what age they are or grade they are in.

Our elementary school tutoring program will work with your child to:

  • Provide consistency, structure, and accountability
  • Build stamina and focus, especially in reading
  • Reinforce critical thinking strategies
  • Establish routine, with the goal of forming habits
  • Provide enrichment and enhanced learning opportunities
  • Make learning fun

Working with you student 1:1, we will increase motivation, improve confidence, and inject a sense of joy in learning.

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