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S4 Tutoring Services: Elementary School Tutoring

Complementing your student’s existing school curriculum, the thrust of our elementary school tutoring is to concentrate on the core skills of reading, writing and math, with the goal to bringing your learner to mastery.

Our approach is focused on making sure that students don’t lose their love of learning, their motivation, and their sense of curiosity.  Our programs are also designed to reduce and eliminate any core-competency learning loss and academic learning decline that might have occurred as a result of remote and/or hybrid learning.

My rising 4th grader was a terrible reader, and hated it. Your tutoring has built up his reading stamina and comprehension. He is now excited to read and looks forward to his tutoring session, and he is even reading to his younger sisters!

Liz B.
Westfield, New Jersey

We begin with a clear understanding of your child, and their learning style, and adapt our approach accordingly. Our goal is to maximize each moment we work with your student to provide a meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences. We:

  • Provide consistency, structure, and accountability
  • Review class lessons to insure your student is on-pace and on-track
  • Provide subject specific support in core skills: reading, writing, math
  • Establish routine with the goal of forming habits
  • Make learning fun
  • Insure homework gets done
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Provide enrichment and enhanced learning opportunities as warranted
  • Build stamina, especially in reading and focus
  • Reinforce executive function, critical thinking strategies
  • Build the skills involved in translating ideas to paper

Working with you student 1:1, we will increase motivation, improve confidence, and inject a sense of joy in learning.

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