S4 Learning Pods / Supplemental Academics

Are You Considering a Learning Pod?

In-home or remote, we will build a customized program specifically for your student.

Whether your student is attending school in person, part time, or 100% remotely, chances are, they will need support.

In small groups or remotely, we will supplement and enhance existing curriculum to make sure your student stays challenged, engaged, an on-top of their work.

We will create a teaching environment that complements virtual school instruction, including subject-specific supervision and technical support, making sure your student understands and completes all of their assignments, and offering additional subject-specific instruction as needed.

Spanning elementary through high school, our teachers have extensive experience in both public and private schools, and bring an unsurpassed level of instruction, passion, and commitment, to maximize engagement and learning in these subject areas:

  • English Language Arts / English
  • Social Studies / History
  • Math: elementary, Algebra, through Calculus, and Statistics
  • Spanish

Taking a highly individualized approach, our objective is to encourage a love of discovery, joy, and curiosity in learning, and enhance confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills.

Getting Started

  • Offered to Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students
  • Options: In-person and remote instruction
  • To design a customized program, contact us: email or 203-307-5455.