SAT/ACT Customized One-On-One Tutoring

SAT / ACT Tutoring

Our SAT/ACT one-on-one tutoring is customized to the exact needs of your student, and designed to increase their test scores so that they can achieve their personal best.

Getting ready for the SAT/ACT is stressful for a reason, but your student does not have to do it alone. Our objective is to make the experience of preparing for these tests as painless as possible.

Our highly experienced and trained teachers will work with your student focusing on resulting in greater engagement and direct accountability in homework and practice tests.

In order to determine their particular strengths and weaknesses, your student will start by taking a free diagnostic test. Based on their results, we will map out an individualized program based specifically on their needs.

Each tutoring session will focus on a particular test area and will be adapted to their unique learning style. Progress will be measured by ongoing practice tests, and to build up your student’s test-taking stamina.

Included in our SAT/ACT tutoring:

  • Free diagnostic test
  • Regular full-length and particular section practice tests, with and without teacher supervision, followed by extensive review and analysis of student responses
  • Focus on both content and the peculiarities of each test and section
  • Written post-session analysis and test-taking strategies

About our Teachers:
Each tutor has extensive experience at top test prep centers and teaches all sections of both tests.  They have worked with hundreds of students, each with unique learning styles, and have successfully engaged and readied them for these important assessments.