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Virtual Tutoring for Students of All Grades

Be Successful When #WFH

The New Normal is Nothing Like We Imagined

Ensure that When School Re-Opens Your Student is Able to Hit the Ground Running

For some students, navigating this new online learning terrain may initially seem daunting and unfamiliar. For others, the virtual environment will pose challenges in prioritization, focus, and organization.

To meet this new learning environment head-on, we are offering tutoring sessions in increments of :30 minutes. The shorter sessions are designed to establish a more clearly defined routine and structure for your student(s), while maintaining the highest levels of executive functioning skills.

With regular check-ins scheduled throughout the week, our tutors will monitor your student(s) to ensure they stay on track and on task with their academic responsibilities. We will help your student not only navigate their schedule, but also offer support on a subject-by-subject basis.

Our highly experienced teacher-tutors have extensive experience working with elementary, middle and high school students, as well as college students.

Thursday Tips: Special Quarantine Edition

Student Support:

  • Help your student(s) create a daily structure to accomplish the tasks assigned by your student’s school
  • Address the new challenges of working from home, by teaching how to use and apply time management tools to become more self-sufficient and build good habits
  • How to design a daily work schedule that provides structure during this transition to remote learning
  • Executive function, structural, and organizational support as well as subject-by-subject assistance


  • Regular check-ins scheduled throughout the week, will provide your student(s) with ongoing support to ensure they stay on track and on task with their academic responsibilities
  • We will use a multitude of virtual online platforms, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and FaceTime, etc.

Parent Support:

  • We also work 1:1 with parents to virtually teach them how to navigate the myriad of online tools that their student will be required to use

Contact our President directly at (203) 307-5455 or email Michelle@S4StudySkills.com for more information.