High School and Beyond teaches students in eight grade and above, how to assess and apply their learning style to eliminate distractions, stay focused, increase information retention and improve motivation, while deepening their reading and writing skills.

studentsIn this workshop your student will learn to:

  • Discover how they learn best
  • Stay focused and eliminate distractions
  • Increase motivation
  • Read deeper, engage more, remember longer
  • Employ critical thinking strategies
  • Increase retention, reduce stress

By the end of the workshop your student will have:

  • Strategies for preparing and studying for good test results
  • Methods for learning and remembering information
  • An approach for deeper and more engaged classroom participation
  • Improved critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Greater independence and self-management
  • Strengthened reading skills
  • Techniques to reduce and manage stress and pressure

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What Parents and Students Say about High School and Beyond

“Michael was a great student until he started 9th grade. The workload overwhelmed him. He lost confidence and shut down. I should not have waited for 10th grade to register him for your class because he’s now back on track- where he should have been last year!”
Liz R., Wilton High School mother

“Katie gained a lot of confidence after your program. Most importantly, her stress level is down and her results are up! ”
J Elizabeth M., New Canaan High School mother

“I am much more effective in my reading and studying now that I learned specific methods. Now it take me less time and I am also able to understand better and remember the material longer!”
Hannah T., John Jay High School, Cross River, NY, student