The Successful Study Skills 4 Students mission is to unlock the power of learning to improve, enhance, and support students’ academic careers.

Successful Study Skills 4 Students, (S4), provides students with the tools, strategies, and study skills needed to build successful academic careers. By teaching logical, easy-to-implement study skills, S4 helps students establish and build habits for a foundation for learning and academic success.

Almost 3,000 students have participated in S4’s evidence-based workshops in Connecticut and New York.

Who Benefits from S4 Study Skills?

Students who apply the evidenced-based S4 Study Skills tools and strategies are better prepared, more engaged, and experience increased academic effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately resulting in improved academic outcomes.

Everyone benefits when students know how to study: students, parents, and schools.

S4 Study Skills Workshops and Services

Essential Study Skills teaches Middle and High School students practical step-by-step ways to study, organize, prepare for tests, manage time, and apply executive functioning strategies.

High School and Beyond teaches students in eight grade and above how to assess and apply their learning style to eliminate distractions, stay focused, increase information retention, improve motivation, while deepening reading and writing skills.

Twelve Ways to Start a Sentence is a new and highly participatory workshop for Middle and High School students. In it, students learn the essentials of writing to capture reader interest and the important compositional skills of sentence variety and structure.

Tutoring and Coaching Services offers one-on-one instruction for students who want individual support. Email Us for Information

Parent Workshop is a highly interactive seminar that provides parents with concrete ideas and tools their student will need to succeed in school. Email Us for Information

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