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5 Ways to Transition Your Student Back to School After Covid-19

Remote Learning Support
for Your Student

It’s Not Your Job to Teach Your Student How to Study. It’s Ours.
We Teach Kids How To Study and Get Great Grades.

Everyone benefits when students know how to study: students, schools, teachers, parents, families.

The Successful Study Skills 4 Students, (S4), mission is to unlock the power of learning to improve, enhance, and support students’ academic careers.

With S4 Study Skills, your student will learn tools and strategies to study, approach school with confidence, and manage time to achieve their personal best.

Evidence-Based Workshops
Essential Study Skills, Essential Writing Skills, and 1:1, 2:1 Time Management & Executive Functioning workshops, for grades 6 through college. Designed to support your student in the new eLearning environment.

Evidence-Based Tutoring
Online tutoring for students of all grades – Summer Reading, Math Boot Camp, Math Packet, and Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Work. The new normal is nothing like we imagined. Ensure that when school re-opens your student is able to hit the ground running.

What Sets S4 Apart From Other
Tutoring Organizations

How S4 Study Skills Improves
Student Outcomes

What are the important skills students need when transitioning to Middle or High School?
Adapted from S4’s evidence-based study skills workshops, these free eBooks will guide you as to what you can expect, and provide insight into what skills your students will need to succeed in the next year.

Weekly Study Tips

Support Your Student’s Study Practice with S4’s Free Weekly Study Tips

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