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At your convenience and on your schedule. Subjects include Study Skills, Writing and Math.


S4 Study Skill’s weekly study tips is a series on how students can maximize their studying practice.

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It’s Not Your Job to Teach Your Student How to Study. It’s Ours.

We teach kids how to study and get great grades.

Everyone benefits when students know how to study: students, schools, teachers, parents, families.

The Successful Study Skills 4 Students, (S4), mission is to unlock the power of learning to improve, enhance, and support students’ academic careers.

With S4 Study Skills, your student will learn tools and strategies to study, approach school with confidence, and manage time to achieve their personal best.

Essential Study Skills Workshop. In 3-sessions, your student will learn evidence-based easy-to-implement Study Skills and executive function strategies and systems to be active, engaged and successful in school. How to study, organize, manage time, prepare for and take test, and many other taught tools will equip your student to be successful in school.

Private Tutoring Services.  Working with your student’s learning style, academic subjects, and schedule, our tutoring will teach your student the skills they need for success, and how to specifically apply them to their work. Organization, task initiation, sustained attention, goal-setting, decision-making, and problem solving – are an important component of our private services. Writing and math tutoring are also offered.

You are invited to a free seminar! During this powerful one-hour presentation, parents will learn how to they can support their child with seven tools and concrete ideas that can be implemented right away for better results and grades. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm, at Scofield Magnet Middle School, in Stamford.

What are the important skills students needs when transitioning to Middle or High School? Adapted from S4’s evidenced-based study skills workshops, these free ebooks, will guide you as to what you can expect, and provide insight into what skills your student needs to succeed in next year.

Weekly Study Tips

Support Your Student’s Study Practice with S4’s Weekly Study Tips

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